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From Clarksville, In — 08/29/2010

I can't believe the number of people on here complaining!!!

I have worked for Staples since March. Yeah...we all know the pay isn't fabulous...good luck finding a retail position that does pay fabulous though. I'm making a nickel over minimum wage. I started off at the registers and then moved over to the copy center- I frequently help out with the cash office as well.

I love doing customer service and working with people and the job really allows that. I can help out in any department. Everyone in the store is helpful- my first couple of weeks I was completely shocked at how the line would start to back up with three or four people- and without even asking another associate (even from another department) would come help with checkout.

I have never ever seen a manager not working while I have been there. Every shift, every time. The manager is constantly helping out with stocking, helping checkout or just talking and interacting with the customers.

As far as retail is concerned this is the best I've had. The best management I've experience hands down in any position I've ever worked (from retail to doctors offices).

The bonus program is pretty good. I've never seen a bonus program in retail period. Bonuses encourage people to work as a team. Instead of complaining about how you've done so great in sales and no one else has, how about helping your teammates. Don't put them down-- bring them up. Work as a team and you'll bonus as a team.

Scheduling is very flexible. I've not had a day that I requested off that I didnt get. And...well, I've been having a rough time with life lately and I've had to call in and the managers are extremely understanding- they're even there for moral support when you need them.

The work environment is good- and there is always opportunity for growth with Staples- I've seen a few people move up and around.
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