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From Ft. Lauderdale, Flor — 01/13/2007

Not everyone at the company is bad nor is everyone good but on average this company is a better place to work than most in the staffing industry. Unfortunately a lot of housecleaning the past four years has left several low performers on the street with too much time on their hands to post here and on yahoo. Short sellers jumped on the negativity bandwagon and added fuel to the fire. Customers on the other hand have a higher opinion of the company and most have long term relationships with Spherion. Customer relationships include several of America's most admired companies like Coke, Dell, Microsoft, IBM, and UPS. I have been with the company for a long time and have seen firsthand the changes in management along with some questionable investment, acquisition and divesture decisions. On the other hand they make a profit, are debt free and aren't under SEC investigation. The real strength of the company lies in the branch/field personnel. This group of individuals has continued to perform despite being handicapped with a rough technology implementation and hefty corporate overhead. Pay and benefits are as good as most competitors with Kelly, Manpower and Adecco all paying lower and offering less. Respect has been an issue with several management team members fighting amongst themselves, CEO Krause has begun a process to improve how people are treated including terminating several key individuals who were the worst offenders. Job security exists if you can deliver expected results and stay within budget. Work life balance is ok with hundreds of work from home opportunities, part time positions and very little weekend or overtime work expected. Career growth is decent with over half of management positions filled through internal promotion. Warm weather Ft. Lauderdale corporate headquarters location is great when you consider that the competitive alternatives are to live in Troy, Milwaukee or Long Island. As with all companies co-worker competency is a mixed bag although current management has been upgrading at a rapid pace. Compared to the other staffing and recruiting alternatives Spherion is among the best to work for.
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