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From Durango, CO — 07/01/2008

The chef and cooks were great, and were overqualified to be cooking at a cafeteria in my opinion. The pay was low, most of my co-workers had two jobs and roommates! The benfits could have been easier to get, not certain windows to sign up and high fees for those of us making under 25,000 a year! Not a bad company, but you have to keep on them and jump hoops to get a raise or promotion. At the campus, being laid off every break, holiday, and summer made it hard to get by. Filing for unemployment is a joke, and even if you get it, it's not much, the job stability is horrible, at any campus location. Just when you have saved up a tiny bit of money, you are back to being short in a few months. If you can coast through the lean times, the menus, training, safety, and paperwork is organized and the work environment itself is far better than private sector or chain food service. The middle managers, GM's, and lower employees are great, the district managers seem to get in the way, though.
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