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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Saint John — 10/04/2006

Rate of pay is pretty good,Respect is EARNED not given...benefits are way too expensive to be affordable,Job security is not even an issue for me...been with the company for 7 years and am not worried in the least about my job going away,work/life balance is something you have to do for yourself,finding balance is your job NOT Sobeys job.Career Potential is awesome for those who want it,I don't.Location is great.Co-worker competence is a bone of contention for idea is cut the fat lol have your CEM's observe the front end for 1 whole week and send the slackers packin' they are bringing moral down and frustrating those who do a good job and take their jobs seriously thus making the work environment a little hostile. Overall Sobeys is putting food in the mouths of my children...bottom line! Lets face it we all have to work somewhere so make the best of what you have or get the hell out.Now don't get me wrong I certainly have my bitch sessions just like all of you but I do got to bat for my fellow employees when I feel it is necessary and I have almost always had postive feedback. Let's face it some ppl are not going to be happy ANYWHERE they work,want to get paid for doing nothing ,think they are worth more than they are and isn't it funny that these whiners are usually the lazy ones lol. I must say though that I almose never go in when called lol I feel that if you want me for 40 hours, schedual me for 40 hours...I am in for 32 hours that is what you are gonna get 32...nothing more. Guess what I want to say is this...suck it up buttercup or find a new job!!!
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