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From Lloydminster — 02/21/2010

So its definetely not worth working at this sobeys at all. If your considering it stop right now. Management is extremely unfair and will not give raises where needed. I have worked there 3 1/2 years and they are hiring people at significantly higher then me and will not give raises. They also will not tell employees when they are cutting programs. Like the bonus program. The program was that every 500 hours you recived a $250 bonus and a $0.50 raise . Now when i come to 500 hours not only do i not get the bonus but also they tell me that they dont give raises at 500 hours anymore, in fact no one gets raises. The schedule is also horrible. You can hand in a sheet with all the times you will be unable to work and thats probably when they will schedule you. So when im not in town i kept getting calls saying "why arent you at work" and when i say i booked it off they say the schedule says your working then i get in trouble for it. Also The social program deduction is basically something you will never see you again. When i first started at christmas everyone got a nice sobeys coat with their name stiched on it. The next year we got mall gift certificates, The next we got sobeys gift cards. This year we got nothing at all. And how does the corparate treat these managers who are so horrible to thier employees? They take them all to a sobeys confrence somehere exotic. For example One year it was the dominican , next mexico and lastly china. Thats why i reccomend you dont work there but it you like be under appreciated and underpaid for all that u have to put up with then this is the place for you.
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