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From St. Stephen — 06/29/2006

I personally don't think the pay is bad in 4 years i have had 13 raises and I am now at top ratewhich is 10.85. You don't make that at a fast food restaurant. You get the hours you deserve, you don't do your work you have a bad attitude you don't come in once in a while on your day off than don't expect alot of hours. Like any place to need to WORK to get where you want to be. For being at a new store and having the experience from a not so new store sucks things just get brushed off but you get over it or you are making your work experience at Sobeys suck. Maybe so if you know someone you may get better hours but it also helps to have a good attitude and want to work. Most of these reviews you can tell are from kids because their parties come first so if you call them to come in they won't but than they cry they don't get hours, stop calling in sick on the weekends if you need time off fine but let us know in advance don't just not show up. You don't give good customer service when you don't have the staff to give it. So either do your job or quit and make room for people who really do want to work. When it comes to management there are a few who do not have the skills to be where they are but they are trying but what do you expect when it comes to a brand new store but others just need to get up and leave and stop making everyone elses job a living hell.
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