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From moncton — 05/03/2009

Sobeys has really been trying over the past year to improve employee moral.
A pilot project is on in some test stores to have more full time employees.
They want to determine if this will improve moral,customer satifaction,and ultimately
sales and profits. They want to try to steal customers away from the competition.
From what I have heard the pilot project is a huge success and will probably be
rolled out in all the stores.
Sobeys is smart to offer their customers more service while Superstore is taking away.You
now have to pay for bags and pack your own. They closed some of there tobacco shops and no longer
have parcel pick up.They are however offering lots of mice at there Trinity Dr Superstore.
For Sobeys to spend more on labour during a Recession is unheard off. This is why they have lasted over
a hundred years. Hours have been cut lately because it is at the end of the corporate year. This happens every year at this time for two to three weeks so don't worry. It has nothing to do with the
pilot project, but balancing the books at the end of the year. Sobeys is finally realizing that keeping
and promoting good employees is good for the bottom line. I think they would admit that they had
forgotten that over the past ten years.
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