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From St. John's NL — 08/05/2008

I have worked at Sobeys for 20+ years.I have met a lot of people in that time. Sadly a lot of them have moved on to different things. I have had my share of good and bad times here. Nowadays it is difficult because the younger workers have more choice on if they stay or leave. There is an abundance of jobs out there for students. I do have one bit of advice for anyone who has just started with this is a good place to work. The benefits are very good. You meet so many people working at a grocery store. All I ask a new hire is....just do what you were hired to do. Look around....if you see your co-workers lazing around, do a little extra. These lazy people make the good workers look so much better. Get to know your Dept Mgr. Believe me,these days if a new hire just shows up for work and does what is expected of him/her, it does get noticed. Now is a great time to get ahead of some of the dead wood in our stores. Show interest and take pride in your work. You never know........someday you may be running one of these stores.
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