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From cape breton — 08/22/2007

I have worked for sobeys for a long time and I never thought I would feel so unhappy in my job. We have just found out we will be opened on statutory holidays, my god where does it end. We work long hours and have had to endure the Sunday shopping and now this. We have no chance at a family life anymore and if you complain you are negative. I have given my heart & soul to this company and at times have them first over my family because I take pride in my work and now it seems that family values mean nothing to this company and it is a shame because that was not Mr Sobey's vision for this company as he was always about family.To say we are only acting on this because of superstore that is crap, why don't we for once take the lead and say no to these openings and I guarentee yoy the employees would respect this company so much more nad the morale would be so much better. I have never seen staff so unhappy nad that includes all of us from the part-time to store management.The people at store level that have given Sobeys there heart & soul to make them the success they are are now being shafted nad I say shame on you Sobeys and beware because these people can make or break you and you will lose some good people who you will find hard to replace. Think about what you are doing to these people and there families.
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