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From Nova Scotia — 06/22/2007

Sobey's isn't so bad...if they didn't have to follow Superstore's lead everytime. How stupid is it to be open on Canada Day when everyone (who doesn't work in retail) will be out enjoying the festivities (ex.parades, parties, family get togethers, etc.)? Why not buck their trend and stay closed on the actual holiday, and be open on Monday when everyone is done enjoying the holiday, and will be ready to get back into a regular week again? But, who listens to their employees anymore? We don't get paid to think, just to do! Well, I for one am tired of doing what they ask, and getting nothing in return. After 19 years there, you would think I might be qualified to move up in the ranks, but oh no, let's give the job to someone who doesn't know as much, but knows someone well who will give them the job anyway. Well, that's my rant, thanks for listening!
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