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From linden, nj — 05/17/2009

I worked as a bakery clerk in Fresh Bake Shop department for about 2 years. I have some good and some bad to say.

Bad: they did not offer full-time positions. FT was only available to managers and such. Why? Because part-time workers receive less benefits and their hours can be cut whenever they feel like it. We always fought for the hours. And I was one of the few that really cared for my work and hated it when I simply did not have enough hours to finish my job. That caused me a lot of stress.

Pay was just about a dollar or two above state minimum. Increases were every 6 months but not very significant (within 2 years, I got $1.95 in combined raises).

Good: they have unions so that protects you from certain abuses, for ex. you HAVE TO take breaks and lunches and HAVE TO get paid for overtime (with time they dissallowed OT alltogether).

Awesome: I loved working in a bakery and took pride in my work. The best part - samples (leftovers and such) for customers but hey, employees are also customers, right?

Bad: working in a bakery is hard physical work. My health did not let me continue.

Respect - employees working in all dep. except cashiers get a pretty much good respect. It's a shame but true. And I know that not all cashiers deserve it but for some reason that's how it was.

Bad - Advancement opportunities. When I realized that my health could not cope with my work I tried getting a position elsewhere in the company, for few months, and with help from store manager who seemed to like me, and alleged support from HR, and I got nowhere.

Visit to ER was my wake-up call.
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