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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance1
Career Growth3
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From Laurel Springs, NJ — 09/28/2008

Foreward: I speak from the point of view of a 16 year old guy who just left his job as a Customer service attendant at Shoprite. Iíll probably go back during the summer unless a better job presents itself.

Pay: I started off at minimum wage, and stayed at minimum wage since I only worked about two months. You get a raise after 6 months, I hear it's somewhere between 20 and 50 cents more per hour. For a teen like me, who doesn't have any bills to pay or a family support, minimum wage isn't bad. It might not be a great job if you need to pay bills or feed your kids, you start off with a low salary and it takes a while to get raises.

Respect: I've never felt disrespected by my co workers or bosses, I always felt like I was sort-of important, excluding the times I wanted to go home early because there wasnít much to be done. I never had any real problems in this respect (no pun intended).

Benefits: They start after a year, and then I think you get health benefits at 2 years, I wasn't there nearly long enough to get any though, but I hear that if you work there a while, the benefits are pretty nice.

Job Security: You start off in a 2 month probation period in which your work performance, like your efficiency, friendliness and how you manage time, is under review and closely watched. You can be fired easily in that time if you're REALLY bad at everything, otherwise you're safe. After that 2 month period, your job security is

Work/Life Balance: The reason I left,. It's hard for a high school student like me, with honors and AP classes, because you have to spend at least 16 hours a week at Shoprite...including both weekends. Not even the managers got weekends off. I worked about 23 hours a week, 4.5 hour shifts a day. I never got much sleep and with school, I barely had free time and was very stressed.

Career Potential/Growth: There are always opportunities to move to different departments, move from CSA to Cashier - all you have to do is request training and it should be ok.

Location: My Shoprite was very close to my house, which was great for me.

Co-Worker Competence: I got along very well with most of my co-workers; on front end (CSAs and Cashiers) it was mostly a young crowd. Everyone can do his or her jobs well, we just slacked and goofed off a lot when we was fun.

Work Environment: It was almost always clean, and it is a very nice looking store. I always shop thee, even after leaving, and I like the environment. And I get to see friends I made there :]

Overall, it's a good place for a part time job,but the hours will really put a strain on your schedule if you have school, like I do.
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