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From Sioux Falls, SD — 08/03/2010

I think reviewers and readers should be wary of workplace reviews. Not only does the greatness depend on the managers, location, and coworkers, it also depends on the personal experience of the person (obviously). Some people are probably bitter about being fired, reprimanded, or other things.... all which skews the review.

Personally, I think the Shopko that I work at is great. The managers, supervisors, and coworkers are all amazing people. The work environment is like a big family and I look forward to going to work every day. I don't make a lot, but I'm truly happy with my job. To me, my happiness is more important than my paycheck.

I think people should give Shopko a shot. Go to the store and get a feel for the customer service... I feel that customer service is a pretty good indicator of how the workplace is.
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