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From Fairmont, MN — 05/21/2010

This was the first job I had in high school, and I kept it through my college years. I then went full-time for a year after graduating, and it's honestly been the best job that I've had. I disliked it at the time, but only because it was unfulfilling -- I'm a college grad, and still working retail?! That's not what I went to college for. However, all my job experiences since then in the retail world have shown Shopko to be a wonderful company to work for.

Sure, corporate does some really dumb things, but our local managers had our backs and worked to represent us. They also got to know us and worked with us.

Coworkers were extremely supportive and this job had less drama than all the other jobs I've had -- even though it had its fair share.

Best part of this job was schedule flexibility. It was a frustrating part - schedules didn't come out until the last minute, but as long as you weren't dumb, it was almost guaranteed you'd get your requested time off. The benefits weren't fantastic, and were slashed with the economic downturn, but they're tolerable and better than some other places.

The pay stinks -- a lot of folks chose to work at other entry-level jobs because they'd get paid more, and WalMart sniped a lot of our good employees by offering them more.

The work environment is awesome. Shopko employees actually -care- about customer service and do an awesome job showing that. There were a few employees who didn't care, but they were the minority. Coworkers and managers also made sure to recognize hard work when they saw it, instead of ignoring it. Of course, it is retail, so a lot of hard work does go unnoticed, but by and far this place recognized it much more than any other job I've had.

While I don't want to be working retail, I would much prefer to work for Shopko than any other retail chain.
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