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From Madison, WI — 09/30/2009

I worked at a local Shopko store for approximately ten months before finally throwing in the towel. As a part-time overnight stocker for the company, I quickly learned that while this wasn't the worst retail environment I had worked in, it was by no means one of the best. Pay at the time was reasonably good and well above minimum wage. However, the store reneged on their promise to pay me extra based on my prior experience. Training was so-so and it took some time before I learned what exactly had to be done and how.
Perhaps the biggest problem I had with Shopko was the lack of given working hours. Although I asked for 15-20 a week, I seldom received the minimum of 15 I asked for after the first two-three weeks of working for the company. At the holidays, I worked 35 per week only to have this cut down to virtually zero when January rolled around. I also learned that this did not apply to only part-time employees, but additionally to their full-time workers. Overall work environment was mixed: some co-workers and supervisors were fair and helpful while others made it clear that being miserable and unhappy was some sort of bizarre requirement. My final rating: not a recommended place to work due mainly to the problems with hours and complete lack of career potential. Saddest of all is how this particular Shopko store is doomed because of the nearby 'super' Walmart; too bad that Shopko didn't use this situation to their advantage to prove they could be different than the incoming competition.
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