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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Canal Winchester — 11/04/2009

As a part-timer I do not revieve any benefits or or bonus. Pay is pretty decent for part timers especially if your DM likes you. In most stores the work enviroment is good, but when going to another store its questionable. Location is a joke because there are Sherwins everywhere. Sherwin needs to advertise more on their products and less about them. Blows revieves so much business because they have a so called seelf priming product. Sherwin is the type of job that i hate and love at the same time. When employed in this company for so long you cant help but notice every paint job and actually care about doing things right because there is too much room for error in this company. Job security is excellent.

and everything else up in the air depending on how good of an employee you are

and one thing to always remember is that everyone is expendable!
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