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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Maryland — 07/14/2008

Sherwin Williams is a good company to work for but unfortunately I'm starting to feel that I'm not a right fit.

The pay is pretty decent. You go through an Management Training program before you get placed as an Assistant Manager. Be warned that this is a very physical job. I was warned many, many a time since I'm a female. Be sure that you are ok with lifting five gallon pails of paint that can range from 50-80 lbs. This is not really a problem for me but you do work your butt off a lot. As an Assistant you also are entitled to bonuses. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a bonus because of (a) the nice little recession that is going on and (b) let's just say that my store manager doesn't really care much about his job so even with my efforts in the store we are not getting the amount of business that we should.

Respect. Yeah, I get respect from the company but as far as many of the customers it's really hit or miss. I know this is retail and there are a lot of miserable people out there, but I think this is where I'm starting to really dislike my job. First of all, you deal with a good amount of uneducated people who like to walk all over you. I'm not saying all contractors, but a lot like to barge in and try to take advantage of me since I'm a female...also, ignore me and go directly to any male in the store because they think I know nothing about paint. Then, you get the snobby elite do it yourself crowd who are absolutely surprised that I have a college degree. All in all, I give this part a -4.

Benefits are ok. I used to work for the state so any benefits in the private sector are a joke to me.

Job security seems fine to me. I think anyone would have to really mess up in order to get fired.

Work/Life Balance is good for retail. I hate that we're open on weekends but I can't complain since I was told from the beginning. Stores open during the week from 7am to 6 pm.

Career Potential/Growth is great if you work hard, of course.

Location is not a problem at all. There are Sherwin Williams stores located everywhere.

Co-worker Competence is good also. Most management have college degrees.

Work environment depends on store, management, etc. I've worked in a few before I was placed into one and this is another reason I'm not happy. My store manager is unhappy with the company so it doesn't make it easy for me. I work alone for many hours as he skips out to "go look for more sales". Also, how is it that I am the only one who can actually be on time to open the store? The good thing is that upper management knows of the problem and they are doing their best to accommodate me. Unfortunately, it may be too late as I'm already posting for other jobs.
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