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Job Security5
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From Midwest — 07/14/2008

Pay: Worked part-time for several years. pay, for part-time, is pretty good. Raises could be better. Assistant Managers and Managers make good money, trying to get into management in this district is like pulling teeth.

Respect: Rodney Dangerfield would agree that there is no respect. You deal with contractors who have no social skills. The best thing is, is that they eventually go away and you do not deal with them again for a couple days. Some managers are respectful towards part-timers. Upper Management are number crunchers and do not care about anything but the bottom line. No real incentives for part time sales. No commission.

Benefits: Part timers get no benefits except for 401k after you become vested. Health and dental come to those only in management.

Job Security: If you do your job well, are responsible, and work hard, you will always have a job. Even Managers who make pretty big mistakes still have their jobs in the morning. That could be good or bad depending who you are. As a part-timer who works hard, I have never had issues with the bosses.

Work\life balance: Great! Open from 7am-7pm M-F, 8-5 Sat, and 11-4 Sun. You never stay past those hours. If you are Store Manager, you are salaried which creates a monster in some. Some that I worked under leave work at 1pm, but then wonder why their store is going to hell in a hand basket. Some managers work 50 hrs. Assistant Managers work 42 hours/week. No overtime in this district (numbers watched constantly). Hours are flexible as a part timer.

Career Growth: Go to College, for Management Training Program, otherwise you are stuck as a part-timer. Very few stores around here have full time positions other than management. Go to school!

Location: SW is everywhere with more stores opening, especially in midwest region. Out west, there seems to be less stores than midwest and east.

Co-worker Competence: Depends. Some co workers are great, while some are terrible. Usually terrible ones quit or get fired. Managers are typically great to work for. Communication between management and coworkers could always be improved.

Work Environment: Cannot complain for a part-time job. If you can handle raunchy painters (there are a couple shining stars)this job will be no problem. If you can deal with old ladies who want pillows matched to a blue-gray color that is not too blue and not too gray, this job will be no problem. It is laid back, but at the same time, it can get a bit hectic. If you do not like being interrupted all the time, this job may not be for you. If you can speak Spanish, Polish, or Lithuaian, that would be a plus. Part timers usually take deliveries which means you need to be able to lift and know your way around the immediate area. Painters never tip you nor help you once you get to the jobsite. Color perception is a must to be able to color match paints and stains. Basic math is a plus when home owners come in with f'ed up measurements and want you to estimate their needed amount of paint and/or wallpaper. Management receives bonuses while part-timers get nothing at the end of the year (a pat on the back if they are lucky). If the company had more incentives for part-timers such as medical/dental benefits, a small commission off certain sales, or any other rewards would help SW sales immensely. I wish there was better training for new comers. New part timers, if they dont know anything about painting, are overwhelmed when they start. There is no formal training. It is fly by the seat of your pants and to be mindfull of what more experienced coworkers do and say. If you go to school, SW is flexible with your schedule. Part timers generally work all weekends as key holders. If you need a weekend off, generally there is no fuss. Overall, SW is a great place to work for a student or retiree.
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