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From Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania — 12/31/2009

Sheetz has been a great employer for me. I have only been working for Sheetz for around 4 months and I am already in management as a Departmental Manager/Supervisor--talk about opportunity! I went to a well known college in my area, worked as a bartender/supervisor at a local restaurant for squat, but I liked the job. After working there for over a year I left and moved back here to Hollidaysburg (home of Sheetz Family Corporate Office) and was unable to find a job. I was employed at a Sunoco where I did just as much work as I do now for minimum wage and little room to advance. Now I work for Sheetz and love it, because I like working with people in an ever changing work enviroment. My pay rate is well above average, I am making more than I would have using my degree to become a teacher (which I opted out of my last year at school). The crew at my store does a great job, most everyone has a positive attitude and are usually cooperative. My general manager is the best boss I have ever had as he is very friendly, extremely good at his job, and he is more than willing to go out of his way to help anyone/everyone. Sheetz is a great place to work if you are motivated, ready to put in time and hard work, have the intelligence and abillity to meet customer needs and do your job whether it be crew (which I worked as for less than a financial quarter before moving right up into management). I can't say how it is to work in Sheetz locations outside of PA, but here you are treated with respect, my boss has a great attitude which motivates the management team and our employees to do the best they can. If you're from PA and live in Hollidaysburg or Altoona go for Sheetz 354, working for Mr. Whipple is nothing short of an honor. If you have the abillity to work in a fast paced enviroment, like people, can handle a boss who gets everything done while treating his employees with the respect they deserve then Sheetz is for you. Work hard enough and you'll find yourself moving into mangement quickly, which brings about outstanding healthcare benefits for an affordable price, profit sharing, bonuses, stock ownership, and an overall excellent workplace then Sheetz is for you!!! Consider working at Sheetz now as they are implenting a new program (or expanding it rather) to recruit more management from within the company rather than from the street. This addresses the comment about the Managers who were fired in N.C.--they were most likely not used to the enviroment at Sheetz which can feel a little overwhelming at first and simply could not cut--Sheetz does NOT discriminate and does NOT unlawfully release employees, these managers were most likely fired due to their own merit--which is how it should be! I love my job, love my boss, have a great team to work with (my fellow members of management and the crew employees both!), infact I plan on staying at Sheetz for a career--I will be doing all in my power to stay at Store 354 with Mr. Whipple until the day he retires, then I will do my best to be as good of a manager as he is. If I can be half as good as that man, then the world is at my fingers. If this sounds like a work enviroment you would enjoy with great opportunities then apply! If you lack motivation or simply are not one for working with the public then stay away, but if you're motivated and enjoy people then Sheetz is number one in that field!

Thank you,

Chuck S.
Shift Supervisor, Management Team
Sheetz 354
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