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4.5Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From PA — 12/28/2009

Sheetz for me was a great company to work for. I enjoyed my coworkers very much, the pay was good. Think about it for the normal kid that gets a job how much is he or she paid? Mininum wage, Sheetz starts your off at 9.25 -10.00 depending what district. I was always respected by my managment for doing a job well done, and have a postive outlook of the shift, and what needed to get done. Not everyone will respect you, however for the most part if you respect others and have a good attitude others will respect you. The benefits were good, there are companies that don't even offer benefits to their employee's, even part time ee's have benefits. Job Security, there will always be a sheetz at least for our lifetime, so you will always have a job. Work/Life Balance isn't the greatest but at the same time when you apply you should realize that your applying to a 24/7 365 company, your going to be working strange hours. Career potential defenity there, promoting to managment is easy if your a hard worker it pays off, if not you won't get anything in return. There are so many position's that you can promote to, maybe not in 1 year. As there are a lot of people that would like to get promoted before new employee's. I had worked for Sheetz for 4 months and got promoted. Location you drive 20 mins and you have a Sheetz, apply to the closest on that you live to. All in all its a great company to start out when your young. If you have a good work ethic you will grow in the company, and they will thank you.
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