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From McLean, VA — 06/12/2008

I worked at a Sephora for about 2 and a half years and hated to leave when I moved. In my store, at least, care was taken to hire nice people who get along well with others and we all got along well and genuinely liked each other. The company cares about its employees and the work is generally pretty fun... playing with and learning about make-up all day. Of course there's the cleaning and stocking and unpleasant clients that you deal with in any retail job, too. Benefits were good. All employees 24 hrs a week and above were eligible for medical insurance and full timers got dental and vision as well. Pay, while not astronomical, is very good for retail and varies based on your experience. There's plenty of growth potential and longtime employees are given opportunities to move up the ranks to management, education, etc. It isn't the cushiest of retail jobs, it's actually pretty challenging at times because the standards of customer service are very very high and many stores are extremely busy. Anyone who walks in the door could be a secret shopper so you have to treat every single one of them as if they are (which is time consuming), which sometimes feels impossible when there's literally 5 times as many clients as associates on the floor. That part can get very very frustrating, as it's hard sometimes to accept being "graded" by a stranger who has no idea what kind of day you're having or if you're also trying to do several other things at the same time. I must admit while I was working there I wished they would loosen the CSE (customer service evaluation) a peg as it is very very stringent and a lot of importance is put on it. Of course a job is a job, and its sometimes unpleasant and that's why they pay you for it, but in the scheme of things I LOVED this job and would go back if the opportunity presented itself.
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