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From Northeastern USA — 09/14/2010

I recently joined the company when they opened a store in my local mall area. We all went through the training a month-and-a-half prior to our store opening. The staff hired were all great girls, very knowledgeable and eager to help. I was told upon my hire that I would start out on cashwrap (The cashier station/wrapping area) and eventually move into a color consultant role ''as soon as my DIC could move me there." It still hasn't happened yet, but I'm hope I'll get to go there soon. I do feel like work life balance needs a little management, because I'm a hard working woman and I did manage to fall sick for a week, but was treated with disdain when I brought in my doctor's note explaining my absence. You need to have patience and really need to speak your mind to your managers when you work here, or else you'll be passed on by.
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