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From Dallas, TX — 03/11/2010

I hope to bring more balance to all of the blogs on Senior Healthcare Consultants by sharing my experience with the company.

Iíve been a successful businessman. When I first looked at this opportunity, I researched the companyís website, saw their good rating with the Better Business Bureau, went through the interview process, and came to the conclusion that this was a solid company forging a path to help seniors with their Medicare needs. My wife is my eternal partner; I shared all of the information about the company with her before making any decision. After my interview, I ran into some blogs that had negative comments about the company. It concerned me enough to reconsider my decision to move forward with the company. I shared this negative information with my wife; we carefully went through each of the complaints of long hours, quality of the appointments, 1099, investment into your own business, travel, etcÖ and determined that each of these points were clearly discussed as part of the interview process. At this critical point in my decision, my wife asked me, ďIf we were having marital problems, would we seek counsel from someone that has been divorced 4 times?Ē She was asking me to evaluate the information and place more credence on the information that came from the people that were successful in the company.

It was the best advice that she could have given me. Iíve been a top producer in the company. I learned my presentation, kept up with my training to become more knowledgeable about Medicare, the products we offer and our competition, ran every appointment that I was given, traveled all over the state, took advantage of the tools the company provides, made every minute of every day count, always had the attitude at the end of the day to see just one more prospective client; in short, I ran the system. Every step of the way there were so many people who were there to help me build my business, many of whom had no financial benefit in doing so. That is the heart of this company: to bend over backwards to help people, not to get rid of them as some on here might suggest. In 18 months I had a significant book of business that paid me well in commissions and renewals.

Because I followed our system I was successful and management opportunities came to me very quickly. Iíve been a top trainer and a top interviewer, both opportunities added more money to an already good income stream.

There is nothing further from the truth to those that claim that the company is trying to get rid of you. After 3 years in the field, my production started to slow down. I didnít want to admit it, but I was burning out. When management saw this, they again came to me and suggested options designed to help me and further my opportunity, in this case I felt my best option was to get more involved in management and less involved in production. They were helping me preserve my vesting with the company. They valued the experience I gained by following our system and asked me to contribute in other ways. I was able to maintain my dignity and my income stream.

Iíve been very fortunate to find this opportunity with Senior Healthcare and I can truly say that I love this business and those that are a part of it. I normally wouldnít waste my time responding to these blogs but I felt compelled to do so in defense of an amazing opportunity. I also decided to respond due to my personal experience and the fact that I almost made the mistake of not pursuing this opportunity with Senior Healthcare. It takes a special person to be successful in anything you do in life. If youíre that special person that understands nothing worth anything is free, that there is no entitlement, that you will have to work for every penny you earn, that youíre willing to do whatever it takes (ethically) to be successful, then donít let these blogs deter you from making the best decision of your life.
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