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From Lewisille, Texas — 07/13/2010

First off, let me say that this is retail. Anyone complaining that they have to "sell" in retail or "greet customers" (gasp) is being silly. That's the world of retail. If you aren't actively engaging customers as soon as you see them and asking if they need help then you aren't doing your job.

I work for Sears as a softlines associate. That means its a non-commission job and I get paid hourly. Sears hired me as a part time associate and yet, they give me 40 hours. Of course I'm not complaining. The problem I have is that I'm only being paid minimum wage. Normally that's not a problem at all but Sears definitely works me to the bone.

I've definitely been overworked for the little pay that I receive. Which is very odd because when I applied for the job, Sears advertised "competitive pay". I'm coming from a job that paid me 9 an hour in retail and now they are working me harder than my previous job for a lot less.

The managers are nice so I have no qualms there. The other employees are nice as well.

My home life/job management is good. I work mornings so I am able to spend my afternoons at home. However if you work nights.

I would recommend this job if you simply need a job. Obviously, it's retail, so you can expect your boss chewing you out over 'credit apps' if you are put on the register. That's part of the job. You just deal with it.

Speaking of Credit Apps, if you dont want to be a salesman dont get on the register. You will more likely be let go if you are a cashier because you are expected to sell Credit Cards.

These credit cards are terrible. They have a hideously high interest rate (25-29%) and only save the customer 15 percent. Just doing the credit check will lower the customer's credit score.

However, one of the more effective ways to sell the card is to not just ask them. Tell them "It will save you 15 dollars on todays purchase. Do you want to see if we can approve you for one?"

The customer says "no I dont want another credit card"

just tell them "Actually, what I tell my customers to do is et teh credit card and just pay it off. Then, when you come back in the store to make another purchase, just use the credit card and pay it off to keep building up your credit score."

When you give the customers ideas, it helps a lot. Also, if you arent getting Credit apps, and a co worker of yours is, just listen to their pitch and mimic how they sell the card.

Bottom Line: I wont work here forever and I certainly wouldnt want to be management at Sears. The managers are overworked as are the employees. But its a nice job to have while you find something better.
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