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From Chicago, IL — 06/14/2010

Overall, my time in Sears has been good and bad. The good is that I've been able to meet many great people/co-workers. That's one of the things I loved about working in Sears. Most of the co-workers are down-to-earth people who are like you and really make for a relaxed and sociable work environment. As an management intern in a Sears store, I got to go through many of the depts. within the store, so I really learned a lot about different depts. and how different each can be from one another.

The Good:
My internship gave me the chance to do plenty of meaningful tasks and I spent a lot of my days on the frontlines doing various tasks/projects like plan-o-grams, typicals, placing merchandise onto the floor, etc...I got a chance to also go to a 2-day trip to the Hoffman Estates, IL headquarters where all the interns spent 8 hrs. each day listening to various executives/higher corporate personnel discuss their experiences. Free hotel expenses/free baseball game(minor league), and exciting 2 1/2 days spent with all the interns. Also, I got a chance to do 2 projects during the internship, allowing you to make recommendations that you feel like can make a difference, although I doubt that district managers really pay attention to it.

As I said before, all the co-workers were nice. Assistant store managers/leads were all courteous and helpful in providing guidance, advice, and suggestions. I felt like I made meaningful relationships and I know that the particular store I worked in had great character people.

-nternship paid $15 per hr, worked 40 hrs. a week, and no punching in/out unlike all the other associates. Pretty good pay for an internship.
-Reimbursed for gas money if they make you go to another store.

Some of the bad:
-Working 40 hrs. a week can be tough if you aren't used to standing on your feet all day. It was initially hard but after 3 weeks, I got used to it.
-I had to work on very repetitive, boring tasks. For instance, many times I would have to "uphold readiness standards." This meant anything from keeping the fixtures aligned to "finger spacing" which was where we had to make sure that all the racks were evenly spaced on the fixtures. This was some sort of presentation process that they wanted to keep even though the customers always screw it up by moving the racks around when searching for clothes. THE DUMBEST PROCESS I HAVE EVER SEEN OR HEARD OF.
-My store manager was an incompetent idiot who never deserved his job. He was supposed to teach me but instead it was an assistant store manager who was my mentor. My store manager knew nothing and he hid behind his office all day.
-District manager has the right to recommend you for the manager trainee program, which is the next step after the internship. If you don't kiss his/her a$$, don't expect to get the recommendation. At least that was the case for me. My morals and integrity are too high for me to suck up to anyone. I try to do my best at whatever tasks I do, work well with others, and hope that is enough. Unfortunately it wasn't. But I would do it the same way because I'm not gonna kiss someone's rear end just so I can get farther in life. Sees you once or twice a week and he/she thinks they know whether you are a good fit? Bullcrap.
-Didn't get to experience all depts. within the store but this is difficult to accomplish in 10 weeks.
-Had to sometimes go to other stores to help with some preparations from people from the corporate office. This was okay except for the fact that all the interns would have to do the most boring, unmeaningful tasks for about 8 hours. Nothing where you gain knowledge. Stuff like sizing racks and sizing fixtures as well as cleaning up stuff and upholding readiness standards.

A good internship to have with some bad aspects to it. All jobs/internships have their good and bad. This one was good for its pay, for the interactions with co-workers, and for the knowledge that was gained. At least in my case, I spent a lot of time on the front lines doing tasks on the sales floor. My mentor helped me a lot and all of the ASM's and leads were also helpul. I would recommend this internship to others but beware that political BS that you hear about in retail is once again true here. If you aren't kissing the boss's a$$(that would be the district manager), don't expect to be fairly treated.
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