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From Florida — 03/22/2010

Working for Sears for 6 and half years, I can't complain too much. I hope soon that the people calling the shots for Sears will realize that they are just shooting themselves in the foot. I can't believe how many customers walk out of my store because they have to wait so long to get waited on. This is because we have one, maybe two sales accosiates in each department at all times of the day (except appliances, but they're not hourly). This also pulls non-selling associates away from their tasks to try to help customers, then they fall behind in the 100 hours worth of work the department needs to get done in the 50 hours they are given.

Also, something stupid to throw out there. They decided to start using refurbished ink in the printers that print the promotional sale signs. The "was this price, now this price until this date" signs. Well the ink sucks and smears all over the paper. There are times we can only put up half the promo signs we need, meaning when customers walk in the store, if something is on sale, they don't know it. So is the money they are saving on ink worth all the sales we are losing because customers don't know of the promotions going on. Of course a sales associate could point out the special promotions, if they can find one. This has been going on since before Christmas, and still no resolution. Well they did switch to a different vendor who has a better refurbished ink. Right, it's still garbage. Why not just go back to the original ink?

I could go on and on, and until they get someone in there who understands the retail business, it's not going to get better. If you're a student looking for a part time job with flexability, go for it. Or someone looking for a second job, it's perfect. But if you're looking for a career or serious full time job, you might want to look past Sears. I myself am beginning to look to move on. I hope my time and management experience with Sears will help me land something better.
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