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From North Dakota — 03/26/2008

The pay is horrible! I could be making so much more money frying french fries.
Although I choose not to. I love my job, it's really great. But working for US Vision is not so great.
I hardly deal with corporate, so it's not a problem right now, but they are all a-holes! They are all on the east coast and think that their sh*t is amazing.
Ugh. So frustrating every time I have to call them for something.
And there is hardly room for advancement, unless it's to another local store.
Also, if there were room for advancement in the company, why would I want to be closer to the US Vision big-wigs. F*ck that. They're all a**holes! Especially Bill Schwartz! Yuck! He needs to be fired ASAP!
He has no respect for the lower employees, who are making him his money! He's not even CEO and he acts like he's major.
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