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4.3Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Wisconsin — 05/24/2010

Schwans is an awesome company to work for, you get out of your job what you put in. There are a lot of long time employees and yes they go through employees as every other company, there are more complainers out there than hard workers it seems. As for job security you do your job and do it correctly and you can work your way up to a management position in a few years, and only have a HS diploma. How many companies out there still promote the hard workers and acknowledge them! Long hours- I'm glad to have job that pays my bills and has good benefits, yes it has been tough to balance family and long work shift but some of us are thankful for the opportunities given to us- Schwans is not for everyone- it takes a special person to sell & deliver the product I respect those that do- it is not a job I would want. Some have increased there sales to have 4 day weeks and have a five day weekend Mon-Thur, Wed-Sat. They have worked long and hard to accomplish it but I never hear them complain about the pay or hours. The other side is warehouse,they work in -23 degrees every day and have odd night hours usually working at least 6 days a week. If you want to deliver food go work at Pizza Hut if you are good at promoting what you sell and have good customer service and not afraid of hard work Schwans may be for you.
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