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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Elkhart , IN — 01/24/2009

I have been with Schwans for years now and while yes it is true that the hours are more than normal I find the pay more than adequit and the benefits are great. I enjoy the independence I have after leaving the depo. I work my day talking to customers who are 99% top notch and trying to meet thier needs. Yes it is a numbers game and you do need to be a driven person but hey this is a sales job and is reliant on business. They recently changed the salary structure so it is now salary and commision and anyone doing at least a reasonable effort should make 40,000 a year and better. The company completely supplies your entire uniform from shoes to coats. The health insurance is good and I now get 3 weeks a year vacation. Overall I really like the job. I would like to see fewer hours but I haven't found any job that gives me everything I want.
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