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From Bellows Falls, VT — 03/26/2008

I have been with Schwans for four years, and overall it is a good job. It's one of those jobs that require much from you, especially in the beginning, so if you don't believe in sacrificing a little up front to gain a lot later, then this job isn't for you. My first year I worked 5 days a week, 12-13 hrs a day on a solo route system. I made about 37,000 for the year. I teamed up with another driver on an excellence route, and now I work 3-4 days a week and average between 45 and 50 thousand a year. Some of the other drivers make as much as 60 thousand a year. I also arranged my schedule so I have a 4 day weekend every other week. Not everyone has to wait a whole year to get on an excellence route, either. Some guys get on in 3 to 6 months. When I started the boss was cleaning house of drivers like the ones who have posted negative reviews here, so there wasn't anyone worthwhile at the time to team up with. You don't have to be aggressive and pushy to be successful. Just be good to your customers, take good care of them, and they will return the favor. There is cold door knocking required to maintain the routes, but the company provides soft sell scripts for this that are pretty effective. It can vary from the area you're working in. Anyone who doesn't make money at this job is not really trying. I've seen drivers come and go, and the ones who end up going are always the ones who blow off current customers because they don't buy every time and refuse to do what it takes to add new customers. My only complaint is the management. Local management is fine and works with you the best they can. However, the corporate office is run by retarded monkeys who sit around crunching numbers all day and never bother to ask the people doing the job what it's actually like out in the field. What the numbers tell them to do hardly ever holds true in real life, so sometimes we're stuck with goofy requirements and quotas, but I get paid enough to overlook that. The company has fantastic benefits and also holds several contests every year where you can win great prizes just by hitting easy quotas. I just won a 7 megapixel digital camera and $100 gift card to Olive Garden during the holiday contest. Don't believe the negative comments you read here. This job requires hard work, but it pays great dividends if you're willing to make some sacrifices up front.
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