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From ponder tx going to horseheads vny — 02/27/2010

i have worked for schlumberger for 17 yrs.have had my ups and downs.never been anywhere i hated.most new hires complain about loyalty and commitment. pay and job security. well for your first 3 years you wont get much of any respect,pay ,or commitment. until you nprove you deserve it. which in my eyes is how it should be. our society has some how misplaced that respect goes both ways and is earned not for the good ol boy theory those who complain about it are usually the lazy people that want a $100,000.00 yr job for no effort. this is not the job for the faint of heart. i have worked from +100 to-80 degrees. worked in swamps ,on platforms,the artic circle to the llaredo tx. i recieve plenty of respect but i earned every bit. if you dont like extreme work dont do it.if you do climb on board. as for job stability in our current economic climate who has a stable job. but i have survived multiple lay offs. not because im a good ol boy but because im flexible and willing to do what needs to be done to keep my job. as for benefits compare slb benefits with your local buisnesses before you flap your gums abount bennies.bottom line as with any job it is what you make it. if your lazy it sucks. if your a go getter you bcan reap a very good life style. if your married you also have to have a strong spouse. nature of the job is it can consume alot of your time. so you have to learn to have quality time because you wont get much quantity. but again the nature of the beast. if you make good money yo dont get much free time.
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