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Job Security5
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From Al Khobar — 12/22/2009

I have worked for Schlumberger for 11 years and have reached a level of responsibility that my college friends could only dream about. Everyone at SLB are hardworking, intelligent and well motivated. I have recently decided to leave SLB but it is not due to money or career opportunities but simply because I have tired of traveling around the world. In the last five years I have lived in five different countries. All these moves takes allot out of you so I figured it was time for a change. I would not do anything differently if I could do it all over again. last thing....I got an offer from another company that is well over twice the industry average for my seniority. I got this in large part to the training that SLB provided me. It is not an easy job. Most people cant handle it. But those who stick out past the three year mark will not be disappointed.
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