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From Missouri — 04/21/2010

I loved my boss at SBC. I thought he was amazing and extremely caring and very fair. The hours were a little unpredictable, but overall I was happy. I came from a hectic marketing position and welcomed the schedule of a set 40 hour week (I was used to working 50+). I loved my coworkers. Some students were awful but there are awful people in every job, every field. Some employees were jerks, but again there are bad people at every job. As far as a scam, I don't think so. Most students are getting jobs...the ones who apply themselves. If students were insubordinate, they were asked to leave the school. Period. So I am not sure who says students can stay even if they are disruptive, that was definitely not true. If you are considering working for SBC, check it out and be your own advocate. If you are considering attending as a student be ready to work and apply yourself; you cannot simply buy grades or jobs. You have to earn them like everyone else.
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