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From Madison/WI — 06/03/2010

Part of the problem with a job like Sam's Club is that there are people who do not know how to use the english language. There are low verbal and written communication skills between workers and workers and customers. In addition there are a number of people who lack basic social skills. This causes a negative work environment.

I did like some aspects of working there. I have a working disability and my supervisors and managers were willing to work around that. Our personnel manager made sure that we were taken care of. Because of my medical condition I was put on intermittent leave. This happened a couple of times. The managers were understanding and helped me out any way they could.

What I did not like was being laid off. I am still unemployed after about six months. A down sizing like this indicates that Sam's Club's self interest and mine were not the same in the end...It might be a blessing in disquise that I was laid off a dead end job.

-a former Sam's Club Product Demonstrator
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