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Job Security2
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From Buford, GA — 04/24/2010

I worked at Sam's Club for 3 years right after high school and into through most of college and honestly I loved it. The environment although had some drama and petty fights at times was awesome. Everyone had their different personalities and everyday you would meet someone new or talk to a new co worker and get to know them on a different level.

I worked there started off as a cart guy then did such a good job a manager took me in and put me as a part-time electronics sales associate then moved on into the photo lab. I loved my managers, loved the GM and pretty much everyone I worked complaints and I am usually a pretty hard critic.

The only thing I would say sucks the most about that specific location is I believe the job security. I keep hearing the economy has gotten rid of some good employees the company had in that store.

I will always remember this job as one of my early i'm an officer in the Navy with a bachelors degree from GA State in Journalism and Film.

If you go in it with a good mindset only good things can come from it.
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