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Job Security5
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From st. Louis missouri — 11/11/2009

I have worked for sams club going on 5 years now. I like my job and the people that I work with..give or take a few idiots and lazy co workers but that's everywhere right? I'm a supervisor and try my hardest to treat everyone with respect and appreciate them because you do work your ass off at sams. The only problem I have with the company is that they are afraid to fire anyone over fear of being sued...some people just need to be let go and it takes forever to get rid of them. The managers are pretty cool at my club but when I point things out to be fixed they are too busy to care. All in all sams is a good place to work if you can handle lifting walking and being screamed at by the members for things that aren't your fault..each club is different I'm sure. Its easy to be promoted after only 6 months or so I was, and I'm hoping to move into management by next year!
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