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From az — 02/22/2008

If you want to work at sam's club don't work as a cashier it's horrible old people every clogging up the lines and credit pushing you to sell credit. I worked their for 3yr it pretty easy. I started as a cashier then i went to be a cart pusher which was pretty laid back the only thing that sucked was the burning hot sun. Other than that having a cart pusher mule, you know the red thing, it was pretty simple no one over your back out there.

Then i ending up in the tire department that is the place to be I mean it was the most laid back job i had ever. I would remember during the summer time i just sat outside the service bays doing nothing for the whole day without a car ever coming in and earning 10hr for siting on my ass. If your in big city it probably would suck but in a small city there's not that many people buying tires. I mean you have total control usually the Manager know jack about car and tire and when a member complains they have to agree with us NOT THE member, for safety, which is reverse every else through out the store. I knew two guys that worked there crashed a big diesel truck entering the bay and didn't even get in trouble. We would watch each other ass out there when we where goofing around. Also if i every need a day off i would just ask my Team lead one day before a BAM DONE. Overall work in the tire department if you don't mind getting a little dirty Then hire Men and Women back there too. If you can't work there i would recommend work on the floor or electronic if you can. Just DON'T BE A CASHIER OR CREDIT SALESPERSON
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