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3.5Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment2

From Colorado Springs, CO — 12/27/2007

Pay:the pay is okay, compared to other retail stores in the area, it's fine, not enough to live on as a single parent, but is okay for second income.

Respect:respected by some, others..your just a face walking around in a warehouse all day. it truly depends on who you know and who "likes" you.

Benefits:I can not comment on this, and will not speak for others, I do not take advantage of any form of medical, dental..etc. As far as Associate benefits you get free Sam's membership and 10% off all produce.

Job Security:Not worried about losing my job, as long as your on time, do your job and take care of business your a-okay.

Work/Life Balance:asked for days off due to appointments, was done right then and there, schedule fixed! Asked for hour changes due to family situation, got it, no problem...ever!

Career Potential/Growth:I feel as if this is up to the person at our store, as long as you conduct yourself in a professional manor and show others respect as well as display job knowledge, you have every opportunity to advance. Have cashiers who have been there for 10+ years they choose not to advance, but have supervisors there less than 2 years, it's up to the person.

Location:perfect, there are two stores, one at each end of town.

Co-Workers Competence:Supervisors could be more closely monitored as some tend to be the flirty "I'm here to look pretty" gals that don't do their jobs, but for the most part they are great.

Work Environment:I personally love it.....I think it depends on where you are, who you work with, who the managers in your store are and the attitudes of other Associates around you. For a second income I couldn't be more pleased, I'm not there to make life time buddies (although I know I have) and be popular, I am there to work and help support my family, as long as you keep your mind set that your going to go to work, leave the drama behind and just do what needs to be done you'll be fine. I expect nothing from anyone around me, but have come to realize I am being seen in a positive light for doing a good job.

Leave the childish mess behind, don't get caught up in drama and do your job, you'll be fine.
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