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From Torrance,Ca — 10/15/2010

My store is a good one, so I understand why the company overall got such a low opinon.
I got hired as a cashier 3 months ago and just got a 40cent raise
( they add 30cents to every year experience you have to start) which
brings me up to $10.40, thats about two dollers more then any of my previous 7 payroll.
My employees are great, very helpful/funny I must be one of the three people that doesn't have a kid.

Pros of the job: very easy work, you get to where what you want; even a hat has long as you wear a vest. you get some benefits though if you get hired as part time as most people it takes a awhile. You are
scheduled based on what you put down so alot of the younger cashiers ( which makes up the majority like myself) gets to go to college and the older people work openings. Good hours.

Cons about the job: Selling pluses suck and you know they suck but you have to lie to a customer
and tell them how good it is. We have to sell one a week or we get a warning, then a coaching and then
you get transfered to a lower department such as lot. I guess some stores you have to sell one a day. Its hard to switch shifts now as you can no longer ask a superviser( COS) but now have to ask a manager and have an actual reason.

Pros about managers/COS's:
Most of the COS's get high but actually care about keeping their job so they are really laid back
and they all cuss and talk shit and do their job except if you need them when its busy
but its somewhat understandable since its 2-3 supervisors and 12 reigsters+ all the other front end stuff they worry about. Many times I should've gotten coached and didn't cause they like me.
The managers are really cool I talk about girls I've been with and talk shit with them and they keep it real
with me, maybe I am the ass-kisser? The managers are very hard workers and usually work 5 10hour day shifts on salary.

All the supervisers talk alot with eachother and you wonder why you get talked to if you talk with another associate. All highschool dropouts so don't expect too much from them. They might move you around alot
because they didn't plan peope vs. schedule properly so don't get bummed out if your at the door or doing lot or merchandising throught the day. The marketing manager only speaks pluses so if you don't have them he would listen and won't like you since he gets bonuses based on amount of pluses the store makes.

Forget about moving up as a cashier since all the cos's have been there a minum for 5 years, have
provided some sort of "favors" to the managers,and are in the late 20's-late 30's. If your in
a department and befriend the area's manager and have been there for at least 2 years and the current team lead leaves then maybe you can become a department team lead.

Location is nice but inside is a little dim and ghetto in my opinion though what can you expect from a wherehouse.

I get respect, the cos's always ask instead of demanding people and always thank me although if
you would say no then you would be on their bad side and you probably would have it harder working there.

OVERALL: I like the job, its the best I have had, the pay is better then others and because the people aren't as edgucated/know that but are still nice people it makes me feel at home ( although I am in college LOL.)
You have to be a yes person and be open minded for requests such as doing the lot so someone can go on lunch, and it's not kissing ass, if you can't do that then probably anyjob working with a team is going to be hard for you. As a cashier you have to sell pluses, and if you are at one that is daily then it may get kind of nerve racking but in my experience( I sell one every other day) if you ask everyone you will get yeses so oh well TIP: persuade the ones who get expensive electronics as it adds a year to their warranty.
Alot of gossiping so don't put your two cents in as it will sureley get back to the person. Every year you get a bonus of 600-1200. Free membership for you and someone else. Great job for person in school.
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