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From michigan — 04/21/2010

I have been with Sally Beauty for over 20+ years, we have all had the bad mgr or dm issue in the past, but if you like what you do you work through it. Like in other posts there is an employee abuse hotline,but i feel if you cannot talk to your mgr there is always someone above to help.I ask nothing of my people to do what i myself wouldn't do, and as far as the trip, we have to work right along side of our employee's to get this, it is not a given thing.Alot has to do with product knowledge and if you are supported in learning this it does make a difference.Right now there is not much room for advancement, ( so muuch for people not liking the company right?], but if you choose to relocate there are positions open.The benifits are also for full and parttime people, not to many companies do this. I am not saying every day is sunshine and roses,and and extra pat on the back would be super great,but i feel they are fair and I love my staff, even on some bad days but when you can help someone and they give you a Thank You for making a differance to them.
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