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From michigan — 04/11/2010

Some would say there's a love hate relationship with this company. Some days it is a blast to go in and almost feel like your just hanging out with the girls. Not so much stress, easy work load, no nasty comments or voicemails. The only thing that makes a huge strain is the tension from up above. There was a previous post that summerized said employees of sallys doesnt have it very hard. Its just retail work. Face a few shelves and use a broom, big whoop right? If you believe the front runners for this company has it so easy then you have absolutly no idea what this company this is and how to maintain it. I wish the higher-ups could ease on the "cut hours here", "automatic termination here", every week almost we listen to someone saying how we are going to lose our jobs if this or that doesnt happen. It pulls on you when you walk into a company that you enjoy for the most part, and before your coat is off you get a list of things that aren't up to par, things that need to be changed, an update about what you better not be doing because if you do its an automatic termination. But where is the "hey there great job with that sale the other day, and keep up the great work". overall its great to have a job, but it could be improved as i am sure most jobs can.
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