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From Michigan — 04/09/2010

It is a shame to hear all of the bad comments about management. I am sorry that you feel Sally's is not a great place to work. I have worked for a Sally's for 5 years and have always strived to meet my goals and worked hard through promotions I have gotten where I am today. I work very hard at my job and anyone of the girls working at my store will tell you that. I am always available to them for all of there problems, cover all their hours when they want vacations, are sick, coming in on my days off if needed. I know that they would do the same for me it is called teamwork. As for the benefits I think that they are pretty good considering. Alot of comments were used talking about the economy and how that is affecting sales and meeting goals, well lets use the economy in another respect in todays economy you are not going to find a ten dollar in hour retails job, how many incentive points do you think the Walmart cashier gets, I wonder if target gives paid vacations to part time employees, I have never gotten scratch offs at any other ratail job. Best of all for part time employees you can get health insurance at minimal prices. People complained about not getting noticed and praise, do you think you are going to get that from the kids you drive the school bus for at your new job. Yes, I do agree that every company has some issues and that there is always bad employees in every company that make for a very bad experience. Just beacuse it happened in a handful of stores does not make the whole company bad. We are a growing comany and I think that if you are looking for something challenging and are willing to step up and take charge you can help shape the company into the future.
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