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From Arizona — 09/28/2010

I've worked in two different stores. The first one had a completely useless manager who did nothing and the store got shut down.

The second one had a completely opposite sort of manager who loved her store to death.

The benefits are only good for full time workers.

The pay is okay, you can start at $8 with previous retail experience, but they should give better raises if you stay with the company and are dedicated to it.

There is a high turnover because of the pay and the hours.

The hours is the number one thing I hated about it, they only give you 80-100-or so hours for an entire store for all hourly employees. That gives you like maybe one fulltime person, and that's usually the assistant manager.

They are very cheap and give you bad computer equipment that broke multiple times in a year.

We need a scanning system, we are still in the dark ages!

The pros are:
It can be a really fun place to work if you have decent co-workers and care about the beauty industry.
It's easy to learn everything, and easy to move up if you're really passionate about it.
You get to try a few products for free every month.
If you are willing you can learn how to sell things pretty well.

I ended up loving this job but quitting because I moved.
I would work there again IF, they'd compensate me properly for knowing how to do everything highly efficiently, and having a good education to top it.
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