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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Wilkes Barre Call Ce — 09/08/2007

My pay is above average for a job that anyone could do with a little effort. There is little to no respect for the most intelligent workers, they are treated the exact same as the workers who can do a thing correctly. Good reps get special projects to do and occasionally get a break from the phones. Job security is good for the better reps, because the bad one get pruned by having to do OT they cant handle or bad score cards. Management is mostly people who have been around for awhile, some good supervisors, most jaded and do their jobs poorly. Favorites are obviously chosen. Most other call center employees are in India or Mexico and do their jobs HORRIBLY, probably poor training and a tremendous culture and language barrier. Promotion is luck, someone else quits or gets promoted you have a fight for the one position with favorites, qualification has nothing to do with promotion.
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