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From San Francisco, CA — 05/16/2008

I hired on two years ago - making me an old timer here :) I love the "can do" attitude and sense of mission shared by people at this company. The energy is contagious and motivates you to want to come to work and get something done. The only thing I can really ding us for is work/life balance, but let's face it - we do it to ourselves. No one is making us put in the effort required to grow the company to be number one. But it seems like we all share the vision, or at least that those who don't move on to something else. The company hires so named "A players", which though never defined seems to include people with ambition moderated by a strong sense of ethics and able to work well with others. It's a pleasure to work with my co-workers. Each one was chosen for their expertise in a particular area. So I've learned more here than I ever did in school. Regarding location, it's hard to beat San Francisco as a place to work - plenty of nice views of the bay to be enjoyed during the off moments.
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