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From Kirkland, WA — 12/16/2008

I just read what the other person wrote with the -8 and I can only imagine that someone that would go out of there way to smear a man such as Chris Carlson is just jealous that he could never climb to his level. I donít currently but have in the past worked for and with Chris and have only been impressed. If you look at the sales #'s they put up and their local ranking you will see that this commentator was just sour grapes. The opportunity is unlimited because there is no cap on commission. There are people working for Chris that in their first year make 6 figures of more and this is straight out of college. I have seen the women in his offices and if your complaint is that you donít like to be surrounded by very attractive, high energy and results oriented females than this is not the place for you.
Letís go one by one here:
Respect: Chris came from a co that did not respect their employees and therefore his focus was to make everyone he hires feel like they are cared for and not just a #.

Benefits: In terms of health benes I am not sure what they are but if that is the reason you take a sales job then you are in the wrong industry
Job Security: It doesnít get much more secure than Sales Talent. If you produce you stay and if you donít you fire yourself. Refer to the latter portion of the Benefits statement for more info
Work life balance: Never has a manager that I have seen give more to his employees than Chris in both motivation and outside support. This guy above is whining because Chris took him out with the rest of the team to a ball game? It is unbeleivable that someone like this would even be able to post something as disgusting as this. It is pure defamation of character
Career Potential: Just as Victor Cox who with less than a year with the co was given his own branch.
If you want more info feel free to email me at
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