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From Needham, MA — 03/11/2010

As a former employee I thought I'd throw my $.02. I agree with portions of some of the posts here. I will list my good bad and ugly!

The Good: This company has a solid foundation with it's data set and compensation products that are a huge money maker. They treat their people well as long as you are loyal and want to work for a living. There are some long standing sales people who make money, not because they hold any secrets to themselves, but because they simply out work the rest of you who complain about them. The Sr VP of Sales has made several moves in the last few years to try and maximize opportunity for individuals, the organization, maximize geo coverage, run a sales organization the has been forced to sell products outside of the organizations core competencies and navigate a politically charged environment. Overall, not an easy task. The quality of people are this organizations greatest strength.

The Bad: They tend to rush products to market before they are battle tested and proven. Too much QA is performed by customers. They made the investment in a payroll company without proper due diligence and have been spread far to thin since. Because of the politically charged environment, people are hesitant to bring real issues and problems to CERTAIN members of the Executive team.

The Ugly: The Politics. An organizations culture starts at the top and cascades throughout the ranks. CERTAIN members of the Executive team manage through fear and intimidation. Others manage simply to try and promote themselves and their careers.

Overall: If Paul can change the culture (which will take some time) this could be an amazing organization. A couple Executives still need to go before that can happen. My message to you younger folks who feel like you're being taken advantage of: Either start to work you tail off and keep you head down or get out. You will find that every organization has issues you will need to deal with. I promise you this: You run from one issue after another, you will be running your entire career! For the rest of you, stop bitching and complaining and do something about it. Don't play into the politics and and make sure you bring problems to management. Overall this organization has a tremendous number of VERY bright people. I think the Sr VP of Sales did you all a huge favor by risking her job to call out what isn't working. If you continue to bury your heads and just exist, instead of working hard and calling a spade a spade, this company will never realize it's true potential.
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