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From Needham, Mass — 03/08/2010

I agree with the last person - if you don't like it, why don't you just leave? I think it's a great company to work for and yes, we had a founder CEO who was a little tough to deal with but now he's moved on. Yes the CTO has been a little out of control and sales have sucked, and the marketing/strategy guy hasn't done much of anything. But hello, we've been in a recession so it's not like things are all rosey elsewhere. There are alot of exciting possibilities for us and trust me folks it could be alot worse. The pay is not bad, (wud like a 401k match though), the people are smart and fun to work with and there is a lot of potential here. It seems like most of the people posting here are sour former employees who were fired for some reason and can't just let it go. And if there are current employees posting about how miserable they are, well they should just leave so that the rest of us can move forward. Without their negativity. Hopefully readers aren't putting too much stock in the comments here - it's pretty embarassing.
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