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From Needham — 03/05/2010

I am currently employed her as well, I am also thankful to have a job in this economy! I have read some of the postings, bashing certain employees of the company. I think it takes a lot of Balls to stand up or write a letter stating that the CEO should be fired. It takes more balls to do that than to hide behind a negative post. Its true at times the company sucks to work for and we may all have issues with the people we work for and with. It is also true that sometimes is great to work for. I love the fact that I can still provide food for my family every 1st and 15th of the month. I am hopeful with the recent change we have made at the company will return to that place where it was a few years ago. Is the company perfect noway! but again what company is. If your bashing the company autonomously while you still work here on this site maybe you should get a check up from the neck up. If I recall no one forces you to work here. Maybe you should grow some balls, sell some product or get a new job.
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