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From Baltimore, MD — 01/28/2009

I thought the pay scale was pretty good. Then as I spoke with other people around the office don't expect a pay raise yearly unless you are a personal pet of the office manager that is like the warden of the office. The respect around the office is almost nonexistent. One minute you think you are doing everything you are suppose to and doing extra work and even taking work home at night to get things caught up around the office some then you get a message saying that you can't listen to your i-pod or earphones anymore because someone is walking around the office with theirs on or you can't read the paper while sitting at your desk anymore because the phones were being answered the first time they rang. Once you come in you have to sit down at your desk and automatically start making calls like a good little dog. Oh yeah and don't think about laughing because they will send out e-mails about people laughing in the office too. I will have to mention that the benefits are really good. At this place job security is based more upon how close you are with the office manager and her daughter. Oh yeah, here you have a mother daughter team and if you get on the bad side of one of them prepare to feel the wrath of both of them. Once you step over the line itís gets very sticky and every time you sneeze you worry about loosing your job because you may be making too much noise. It doesnít matter how much work you get done during the day there is always something that you arenít doing. You can get all your work done early and still go and request more work and the mother daughter rat pack will still come back and look at you at the end of the week and say that you could have done more and you need to stop talking with your coworkers and joking with them because we are suppose to be talking to the clients on the phone all day. The balance between work and life is good if you donít try and take a phone home at night to get more clients information and try and get the lists caught up. But if you ever call out sick and you take a phone home sometime later that week or that same pay period they may start to think that you are taking a phone home with you just so that you can make up the hours that you called out. Maybe we take a phone home at night because we want to get out of something that evening at home or we just like to amuse our family with letting them listen to us telling people they donít qualify for a lawsuit. It doesnít matter why we are taking phones home as long as the calls are getting done and clients are getting written up like they should. If you know someone else in the office that has any authority or you are related to someone else in the office you have an opportunity for growth within the office. Otherwise you have to kiss up to the office manager to move up in the office. The office is located in a decent location you are right off the subway and there are bus lines all over the place plus you are just a few short blocks away from the inner harbor. Now as for the office building itself. We are on the 9th floor of a parking garage. The elevators donít always work and you will have to wait long periods of time for the elevator to come to your floor because even though there are two elevators really only one of them works. Half the time you have to open the elevator door with a piece of paper because it will get stuck on your floor and the doors just wonít open. And the heat is not consistent though out the office at all. There will be one room that is smoking hot then you will walk right next door and you will have people with space heaters and gloves on because the room doesnít reach above 70 until after noon when the sun finally starts reaching to your side of the building. Yes, the maintenance man will be called almost every week to try and fix your heat but the very next day itís the same way itís been all winter. Most of your co workers know what they are doing and know how to get the job done. Watch what you say around people because unless you know the person you are going to say something to. There are several people that will listen to what you say and as soon as you are finished talking to them they are going to run right back to the office manager and say just what you just told them. The overall work environment has gone down over the past year. We used to have so many freedoms like listening to the radio or your ipod, reading the paper in the morning, browsing the internet and having a good time coming to work but then everything just started going down hill. We canít do anything that we used to while working in the intake department.
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